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Let's Get Lost in Korea #4 Gapyeong Rail bike & Nami Island

Starting this entry with pantun 2 kerat:

It's our fourth day,
Now only we rode Subway.

Our original plan was to cover Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm on the fourth day. Gigih tu baca blog sana sini on how to cover all three above in a day. Then, the day before Arie & Lin said Petite France was quite boring. We were like ok la..tomorrow we could have more time to cover Nami & Garden of Morning Calm.Tup tup hari kejadian..

So we finally managed to ride subway on our 4th day. A bit lost in the beginning. Thankfully few Koreans were willing to help us out. Kamsahamnida! Hanguk saram niceee!!!

Excited to ride Korea subway

untunglah boleh kecek Koriya dengan ahjumma
sis dua orang lagi mereput
pandai cakap annyeonghaseyo & kamsahamnida jela
We took Subway from Chungmuro station and changed to Korail (similar to Malaysia KTM but not in term of its punctuality if you know what I mean LOL) at Cheongyangni station. It took us almost 2 hours to reach at Gapyeong station. Glad we got to sit. If not, matilanakk..

Gapyeong  Shuttle Bus

Board Gapyeong shuttle bus from Gapyeong station. There are two courses to choose from: Course A & B. Course A is usually the most famous among tourist co the other course doesn't include Nami Island. For further information, you may find it here! Or you may take brochures provided in the bus. FYI, ticket can be purchased upon boarding the bus.

Like I said earlier, our original plan was to go to Nami Island first thing in the morning. Before Nami Island pit stop was Gapyeong Rail Bike, then out of sudden, one of us  suggested why not we tried this rail bike thingy coz it was quite cool. Eventhough it was Ganchong Rail Park which appeared in Runningman, but it was okay la since this one also rail park right? Half is better than none. So we just agreed liddat. We stopped here and went to the ticket counter. We thought that we could straight away ride the rail bike once we got here. Unfortunately, we had to wait for about 30 minutes (note that the 1st session begins from 09:00 and the next session is within 1.5 hours intervals) Boringgg..

It was quite cold here, due to the strong wind. Thank God I brought hot nescafe. We sort of had our breakfast here, before riding the rail bike.

Gapyeong Rail Bikecopy & paste from here

The rail bike tour departing from the Gapyeong Rail Park follows a trail of Gapyeongcheon Stream Iron Bridge - Bukhanggang Iron Bridge - Zelkova Tree Tunnel, and finally back to the Gapyeong Rail Park. This route is featured in the Korean film 'The Letter (편지, 1997)', and thus loved by both love birds and photographers who like to capture some beautiful scenes along the old rail bike track. Visitors on the bikes will also get to enjoy the beautiful river view presented below the bridge while riding, as well as taking advantage of having a light exercise with your loved ones.

Operating Hours 
* First session begins from 09:00 (available every other 1.5 hr interval)
* Operating hours are subject to changes during winter and summer seasons. Please refer to the website before visiting.
Tourism Course 
Gapyeong Rail Bike (Rail Park) Station → Gyeonggang Station (Rest) → Gapyeong Rail Bike (Rail Park) Station.

Rental Fees 
2 persons-seater bike 25,000 won / 4 persons-seater bike 35,000 won  (we took the 4 persons-seater)

before taking off

Gapyeongcheon stream iron bridge

back to the nature

stopped by at photo point to take photo laa

Gyeonggang station (rest)

too cute to not capture their picture

on our way back

red lips don't care

dandelion from Goblin ;p

had our tapau-from-guesthouse-breakfast here

Had to wait for couldn't remember how long before we could see the Gapyeong shuttle bus at this pit stop. Dah la sampai-sampai bas penuh, we had to buat muka kesian petala kelapan then only the ahjumma (bus tour guide?) let us board the bus T_T and it was late already so we had to rush once we stopped at the next station . Tiket dah la tak beli lagi oiii! If not, bye bye la.. the ferry would surely left us.

Nami Island: copy & paste from here
N/A (Open all year round)

Approx. 3-4 hours

Film Locations 
Drama "Winter Sonata (2003)," Film "Wanderer in Winter (1986)," etc.

Activity Dates 
Recommended period to visit: May, July-August, October

Operating Hours 
[Ferry Schedule]
07:30-09:00 (30 minute intervals)
09:00-18:00 (10-20 minute intervals)
18:00-21:40 (30 minute intervals)

Maximum Occupancy 
20,000-30,000 people

Parking Facilities 
Namiseom Dock Parking Lot (650 cars)

Parking Fees 
4,000 won

Admission Fees 
General Rate: Adults 10,000 won 
Discounted Rate: 8,000 won
Special Rate: 4,000 won

Once we arrived at the next pit stop, we ran (we seriously ran wehh..) to the counter to buy tickets. Then run to the ferry but kena tinggal jugak sobss.. Nasib la the next ferry came few minutes later. Fuh.. At first, we thought of going to Nami Island via the zipwire line (cool seyh..) but we felt that we were out of budget already so we just rode the ferry la.. #asalkansampai

Lemme tell the whole story first then only you guys enjoyed the very random, tak ikut sequence and might be the same repeated pictures. Let me be okay? It's my blog anyway. My blog, my rule!

Frankly saying, Nami Island is one of the place which I had the highest expectation to. I mean for this Korea trip. The beauty of the island (yeah it is damn beauty), as well as the beauty of pictures we got to capture and the memories to be remembered. But for this trip, I could only get to see the beauty of the island. Jangan tanya the other beauty I mentioned before. #marahokay
Might be because we were rushing , arrived late then took lots of time to 'get the right' amount of light la, filter la, pikir nak posing cemane (bukannya reti pose pon), so we had wasted our time here.  Pastu 4.30 pm dah nak balik sebab nak rushing pi Garden of Morning Calm.
Dah la tak dapat cari all the must take picture spots (nangis), pastu gambar yg the one we captured pon tak memuaskan hati beta. Tengok gambar orang2 kat blog cantek je sume. Sekali gambar kita. Hmmmm.. Beta tersangat lah sugul sehingga tak mampu menahan sebak di dada. Maka jatuh jugak la air mata perempun beta di sini. T_T huuuu.. Seriously felt like going to Nami Island back the next day even if I had to go alone (hampir buat kerja gila ini, nasib tak jadi). #havetorepeatNamiIsland

Before balik sesi mencari drama cafe tu pulak, nak makan dosirak. Satu hal lagi.. Sesat barat, pusing sana, pusing sini, patah balik baru la jumpa. Padahal dua tiga kali lalu kat depan dia tapi tak tahu tula cafe yg kami cari. Fineee!! Double stress! Nasib finally jumpa jugak. If not mau aku tido Nami malam tu, next day baru balik. Haishhh.. day #4 thumbs down! =_=!!

ferry to Nami Island
spot Malaysia flag

After Joon-sang & Yoo-jin  made snowmen on the table,
they had their first kiss

with ahjumma deul

'calm before the storm'


in front of drama cafe

before 'being attacked' by ahjumma and ahjusshi
sakan deme nak bergambar dengan kitorang
menyesal pulak beramah-mesra =_=

wishing stones

Jun-sang and Ye-jin s' bicycles

Statue of Joon-sang & Yoo-jin

maple trees

women's prayer space over here

musolla this way

on the way to musolla

unicef train: 3,ooo won

should've stayed the night here

Apa Khabar

glass sequoia at first kiss bridge

drama cafe this way

drama cafe landmark

Sir, why your English like this??

muka selepas wuduk, gituww..

spot us

dosirak (lunch box), nasi goncang perisa tuna

not ready to bid goodbye :(

Rushing punya rushing tak sempat jugak nak pi Garden of Morning Calm. Pftttt!!!


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