Monday, November 20, 2017

Just my hormonal imbalance ramblings

The older I get, the more it feels like I am a loser.
The older I get, the more self confidence I lose.

That is one of the major reasons why I draw lines in relationship.

Coz I feel that I don't deserve to be friend with such and such.
Coz I feel like I am not in the same league with them.
Coz I am a cowardice who scares of facing the reality.

Sometimes I wonder where my old self has gone?
The confident me.
The risk taker.
The fighter.
The problem solver.
The one who once dream big.
And so many the to begin with.

I am just a struggling adult who are stressed most of the time.
An adult who sometimes just want to give up her life, dealing with human beings and just move into the jungle which is near the beach or sea coz she loves them so much.
Where there are no worries, no problems, no judgement, no rejection, no expectations to fulfill.
And can just go with the flow.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Myeongdong's foods are unforgettable!

Some of the food pictures we managed to capture

Gyeran bbang
Steamed little Egg bread with nuts as topping
Very delicious especially when you eat while  it is still hot
About 2,000 Won

Big, juicy and sweet strawberries
You could buy anywhere in Korea  market
5,000- 6,000 won

Haemul galbi in Yoogane
Basically rice, seafood, kimchi, chilli paste, seaweed mixed together
Banchan (side dishes and water is refillable and for free)
For 4 persons

HAs &  Watsons  berpisah tiada

Myeongdong Street at night 

Fish croissants
Not much to my liking
Dok cari bahulu ikan terjumpa yg ni. Salah beli wuuuu.. 

Few fillings to choose from ; chocolate, red beans, etc

Halal, delicious kebab in front of Forever 21
Cute guy married to Koreans. Boringggg. Hahahahahahaha 

Malaysians flooding in the stall

The couple also sell this.
Tak ingat nama dalam BM dia but I think it is samosa.


Sea food fried rice

Haemul Pajeon
Seafood pancake. I like!!
A mixed of squid, prawns or mussels, leek, green onions in flavourful batter in savoury pancake
5,000 won

Sweet potato roasted  in a clay tempayan (hahahahahahaha
Tempayan apa dalam English weh??) 

Deep fried battered prawns
Frankly saying, we enjoyed Korean Street food better than their restaurant food.
Every night mesti singgah Myeongdong makan street food. My most favourite would be ahjumma's odeng/eomuk (tapu asyik lupa je nak tangkap gambar). It is a fishcake on skewers with hot broth (1,500 won each). Best gila tengah sejuk2 makan odeng cicah kuah kicap then hirup hot piping soup dia! And ada one ahjumma (eomoni la macam nenek2 la) ngan husband dia jual odeng sedap gila. Pernah try kedai lain xsedap sangat. If anyone were to ask me which Korean food I missed the most, without any doubt I will straightaway answer Odeng! Can eat this one forever. Tteokbukki (spicy rice cake) pon dok makan kat kedai ahjumma. 1,500 won per bowl. But not my favourite.
Sweet Korean Pancake with brown sugar syrup filling
A bit oily
1,500 won

The other food I missed: Shrimp burger from Lotteria
Memang ada shrimp seketul seketul weh dalam burger patty dia

Haemul dakgalbi (sama macam gambar kat atas sana)
But the 2nd time oppa bagi love love pulak
Apa ni.. Jatuh chenta nanti taktau..

Cute Hwajang-sil

Just being very random and wanting to post everything yang dah terperuk in my drafts for don't know how long. 
#posteverything #cozimtoofreetoday

Here are all cute hwajang-sil (toilets) I came across during my trip to Korea last few months. 

Hwajang-sil in Gapyeong Rail Bike
The middle one is when you are unsure which gender do you belong to

Hwajang-sil when we stopped at a rest area on our way
riding the rail bike

Very creative design where suddenly you could see there's a big rock
falling on the toilet's roof
The exterior design is also very unique
This one is in Nami Island, behind the picture book library 

Hwajang-sil in Ssamziegil

Let's Get Lost in Korea #6 Ihwa Mural Village/ Gwanjang Market/Namdaemun Market

Hi there! 
Struggling to finish my Let's Get Lost in Korea trip posts. Maybe quite busy after this #acahacahcareerwoman coz I'm going to work for other company. Bye bye *******! Wish me luck! 

So, this was finally the 6th day we were in Korea. How time flies! #taknakbalik #nakstayKoreaterusbolehtakkk #tapirindunasilemakalready #kemainhashtag 

Actually, our actual plan was to go to Yeouido Park and walk along Hangang River but under certain circumstances, we changed our plan. Sobs3 #mustrepeatKoreatrip. After breakfast, we boarded the Subway to Gwanjang Market. Since it was too early, so we headed to Ihwa Mural Village which was not far away from Gwanjang market. So this place is painted with beautiful, cute and adorable mural. But as usual,  there was a series of mural you had to find. Got a map provided to find all the 9 murals. But, us being us, tak berapa nak rajen cari, we only managed to find only 3! It was so tiring to climb up the 'mountains', you know. Hahahahahahaha #alasan 

Ihwa Mural Village

#2nd Mural

So cute rightttt?? 

Even if you are too lazy to find all the 9 murals, 
other murals are also cute, no worries! 

#6th or #7th mural if I was not mistaken 

Not so angelic angel

Young and free

Camels also got

#8th mural
Isma was sad coz her favourite Avenger mural got blocked by a car.
Hence, we couldn't take photo with this mural
La tahzan Isseuma! ;p

Little Prince every where

Mural Village Walking Tour Course

Map provided to find all the 9 murals


Ayo &  Kwangsoo

Revealing the Leo in me

Don't be so noisy when you walk around the village since it is actually a housing area

Gwangjang Market

A traditional street market in Jogno, Seoul. One of the oldest and largest traditional markets in South Korea with more than 5000 shops which sell fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, clothing, textiles, handcrafts, kitchenware, souvenirs and Korean traditional medicinal items. There are also many restaurants and food stalls selling traditional Korean cuisines, but the market is most famous for bindaetteok or mung bean pancakes and mayak gimbap (source:Wikipedia) 

Bought a comforter for myself. Serius memang comfort gila! At first menyesal beli (biasalah, me being stingy as usual) but bila start guna, tidur malam ku tambah lena! And also bought one thin comforter for my parents. RM 120 se okay... 
But okayy la. Ni semua salah Isma, Fit & Ayo! 

sekitar Gwangjang Market

After shopping, we decided to go back to our guesthouse to send all those bulky comforters we bought before heading to Namdaemun market. Yela berakal jugak nak mengangkut comforters gedabak tu nak jalan beli souvenirs kannn.. 

Namdaemun Market

Also one of the oldest continually running markets in South Korea, and one of the largest retail markets in Seoul. Most of the market is outside, but there are also many stored which line the streets. Not only famous for its street food, but also cheap souvenirs. Since it was Saturday, so most of the stores only open half day (until 2pm like that), so we just went to the one which still opened. Glad  we managed to find Mi Sa shop which sells lots of cheap souvenirs!

Asked the owner (the one yg tersembunyi 
belakang daun lol) to kachi take photo with us
to promote  her shop

Next konon nak pi Ewha Women's University. Naik Subway then sempat pi daiso dia je. Pastu dorang cam letih nak jalan naik bukit pi Ewha Uni. Totally upset, to be frank. Hmmm.. Remember #mustrepeatKoreatrip

That night, we went to Yoogane in Myeongdong la, where else, and had seafood galbi for dinner. 

For the last day, we didn't go anywhere. Just packed our things and cleaned our room before rushing to the airport. So saddd.. Tak nak balik lagi!! Coz I felt like many must visit places we couldn't cover. Agak kuciwa di situ! But overall trip was okayyy la since it was our first experience planning a trip without tour guide, still..  with lots of drama (biasalah perempuan). Hahahahahahaha.. Will treasure the moment but seriously banyak jugak terkilan plus gambar kenangan pon not as many as I imagined padahal stay seminggu kottt. Aku pi USS, Singapore lagi banyak bergambar walaupun balik hari je. Wuuuu.. And travelmate with same interest is very crucial in my opinion. Kadang2 best friend tapia area of interest berbeza ye kawan2. Sorry for being so frank. But I had to let it out jugakkk.. Tak kira! Whatever ni blog guwe kottt.. Maybe I would prefer to travel with one yg tak berapa suka shopping coz shopping is really the last thing in my to do list when traveling. I would like to explore more places which are  obviously not shopping areas. Plus, I didn't like to spend too much time at a place when traveling coz I feel we had a lot more to cover. Kalau pi Korea tiap bulan takpe. And frankly saying, I really hate it when someone change the itinerary that has been planned. Obviously I am not the spontaneous type when it involved traveling. Not that I  am being too rigid but at least when you stick to a plan, you wouldn't waste so much time to sesat baghat here and there *sigh*, at least have to follow 80% of the actual plan. Gittuww.. 

Ape pon, i had a lot of fun despite all the drama cranky, air mata. Thanks Isma, Ayo and Fit for being very patient with me. Thanks and sorry for everything! I will treasure all the sweet, sour, bitter and bland memories we created in Korea. Till then, annyeong Korea! Bogoshiposo!!! #seeyouinonefineday