Friday, June 09, 2017

Please take me away!

Sometimes I just silently prayed that Allah 'take' me away. (Don't get me wrong. Not that I  wanna kill myself or what lol). Away from this temporary world. Coz I'm so tired of living in this world, dealing with people etc etc. Tired of pretending that I am okay when I am not actually. Tired of dealing with all sorts of people, their attitudes make me sick and the worst part is I am tired of dealing with ME myself. Tired of meeting people's expectations which I don't give a damn nowadays. Tired of socialising with people. I just hate people. Yes PEOPLE. And myself sometimes (or is it most of the time). Tired of doing things I hate but I have to do it for a living.

Sometimes I just felt like cutting ties with everyone, go and live in the jungle, or a cave, perhaps a desserted island. Where people won't hurt me and I won't hurt them.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Don't Need Friends Like You, and You and You!

I don't need a friend who cannot take me for who I am.

I don't need a friend who looks down on me.

I don't need a friend who makes me feeling insecure.

I don't need a friend who makes my readily  low self esteem ;p becomes  even lower.

I don't need a friend who question me of why I'm doing such and such.

I don't need a friend who make faces when I tell them what I do and where I work.

If status, materials and career are the criteria you're looking for in a friend,
for Allah's sake I'd rather not having friend at all!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Maseh Ada Yang Sayang

Thanks to all my bffs for being super duper caring towards my absence in the social media world. Gittuww..

Just wanted to let you guys know I am OKAY and missed you guys too. A lot!
It's just that as I'm getting older (ahemm..) I feel more comfortable 'hiding in my newly built gua' lol! Bak kata one of my bffs who happened to be my roommate,  "Fhad ok je just dia sekarang ada kat dalam dunia dia", answering the questions few of my friends yg asked her about my hereabouts. Thanks bff a.k.a roommate for being extremely understanding with my perangai yang me myself sometimes cannot tahan :(.

It's not that I don't care for you guys anymore tau.. Ku kenang kamu-kamu dalam doa ku.

Lots of <3 mmmuahhh!!

P/s: you guys know who you are. Btw, silence is golden. ;p

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Happy One Year Anniversary!

1/2/2016 -  1/2/2017

Today marks one year I've been working in W******.
On leave by the way, it's Federal Territory's Day a.k.a Hari Wilayah, peeps!  (sis kan orang key ELL *lupa daratan*)

Hoping for more bonuses and incentives this year onwards.. Ameen3!
Thanks to my beloved  Kakak and Abang Pharmacists for being not only the best colleagues I could ask for but also very good friends indeed. Also to the SM, management team and also other staffs for making me look forward to go to work everyday (sure or not?).. Ya la every morning I usually have no mood to work ;p but throughout the working hours that mood improves because of you guys make me feel like home.. Gittuww..

To many more years with  W******!

#setia #ilovemyjob

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Biar Lambat, Asal Dapat Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang

Working in retails requires you to stand for long hours, so your legs ended up with lots of pains. Even my knees are paining. Thus, a pair of extra comfy shoes is very crucial. Actually it had been quite sometimes I was thinking of buying new, more comfortable shoes that could delivered all the 'supports'  my legs need. Lol! And was 'eye'-ing on this S****** which everyone claims to be super duper comfy. But the price is My God.. VERY EXPENSIVE! At least for me laa.. Coz so far I never bought shoes more than RM100. Itu pun actually tak sampai coz after 70% discount jadi 70++. Not that I couldn't afford it tapi biasalah once a cheapskate, always a cheapskate! Hahahahahahaha..

May legs kept on paining that I  couldn't stand it anymore, so I  finally made up my mind and went to buy the shoes during my rest day few days ago. New shoes come to Mama! Actually I was waiting to go and buy the shoes with my friends next week tapi my legs dah screaming for new shoes so next week is too far away I guessed. I was a bit nervous when I entered the shop. Tak biasa masuk kedai mahal. Huuu T_T.. Then as usual la, I chose the shoes while looking at the  price tags  lol! Gulp! Mahal siakkk!!  Then I said to myself it's okay la, to reward all my hard work in 2016 (2 times hit target ahemmm.. ;p). Don't be too stingy, Fhadzilah!

After I finally found the design I like, I went to the counter and asked whether they had one size bigger coz the one I tried was quite small. Unfortunately they said NO! Then I was like Ok la, I'll just take this coz I thought after sometimes I wear then the shoes will become loose a bit. I wore the shoes and went to Masjid Jamek to buy new, thinner socks. But the shoes hurt my feets coz they were too tight. I went back to the shop to exchange the shoes. Tried few other pairs. Found the one I thought was OK la.. Then exchanged the new pair and went home.

The next day, I went to work with the new shoes! To my great astonishment, this one also hurt my feets. Aiyoo.. Coz the back was quite hard. Mati laa.. Then I whatsapp my kakak pharmacist and asked her can change again or not. Hahahahahahaha she said if overseas sure can change one. Change until you satisfied! Bestnya. That night I cleaned my shoes. Looked brand new! Thanks to my housemate who helped me in such 'tedious' process *evil laugh*. Before going to work, I dropped by to change the shoes. Gave the receipt to the staff and he said Kak you already exchanged your shoes. I replied, "the first one because of the size. Now, I want to change with other design". Stern face, flat voice tone. Customer is always right kan? Dan dan.. The other staff (the one whom did my exchange yesterday) said to her friend (which I assumed she was trying to convey the message to me actually ;p) maximum exchange is 3 times. Ok la kan.. Mine baru 2nd whattt.. Lol!

This time I took some time to try and think. Siap called my kakak pharmacist lagi to ask her opinion. She siap asked the management if I could wear the shoes to work or not coz ada some hot pinkish elements. Thanks WC! Really appreciate that. Then masuk kerja we were talking about choosing a perfect shoes is like choosing a perfect husband lol! The difference is if we don't like the shoes we can return it and change with another pair. But takkan la baru one day kahwin and suddenly we feel like we don't like our husband and we want to return them to their parents. Sure cannot right? ;p So make sure you make the right decision. Take your time. Do not rush. Biar lambat, asal dapat yang terbaik dari ladang lol!

Thanks for reading.
Adios amigos!

My turbo shoes. Ready to drive in
more sales. Hahahahahahaha 
P/s: no more new shoes for 5 years

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

It's 2017!

I can finally write in my blog using my laptop. YEAY for me!

2016 had been a wonderful journey for me. 
I am very thankful for all the things that happened (whether it was good or bad).
I survived!

I am ready!
May Allah bless me and all of you.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lawak Quarter 4

Hi there!
Long time no blogging. Quite busy with my not-so-busy work. Lol!

It's almost the end of 2016. And as usual, if you happen to work in retails there will always sales targets to achieve; no matter in what position you are in. Retails and sales berpisah tiada, till death do them apart. Gittuww. Hahahahahahaha. So back to the story, so our quarter 4 almost ends. My pharmacist and I thought that our quarter 4 ended last week, which was on the 25th December. Alhamdulillah we hit our sales target. So hohoho!! Money money come to mama!! My pharmacist and I were so excited la kan. She texted me, Fhadzilah now you can buy your new working shoes la! Yeahhh, I replied! And got other few things I already planned to buy using the sales incentives. Hohoho!! I was at home btw, when my pharmacist first texted me about our sales tracking for the last quarter. The next day, she texted me again, saying the quarter had not end yet, actually. Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂. We had another week before the quarter FINALLY ends. The supervisor told her that quarter hasn't yet ends when my pharmacist ajak our supervisor buy godiva chocolates(amboi, early celebration lettuww nak beli godiva chocs ;p).  What a joke weh!! What a joke! Couldn't stop laughing. Even when I started to work back (after my rest days) yesterday, my pharmacist and I still terkekek kekek ketawa. Hahahahahahaha. Baru nak chill chill masuk kerja yesterday since I thought the new quarter just begun.

So few days to go to finish quarter 4.. Fighting!! Do pray for us. Hohoho!!

Till then, adios amigos!

P/s: why hohoho? Because Christmas hasn't ends yet. Hahahahahahaha